Kumara Parvatha – Trekkers dream route

Anu has been wanting to go to Kumaraparvath for a long time.  Finally, Sunand arranged a two day trekking to Kumara parvatha, aka pushpagiri.  Kumaraparvatha belongs to the western Ghat mountains range and is very close to the  famous pilgrimage center Shri Kukke Subrahmanya Kshetra in South Canara District of Karnataka. About 1714 meters above sea level, it lies to the east of the temple. It will be a 14 Kilometer Journey (trekking/hiking) from the temple to the mountain peak. This is a steep climb as one has to climb 1500 meters from Kukke Subrahmanya to reach the mountain top.  Another route, which is not as difficult as the one from Kukke Subrahmanya Kshetra starts from Hegde Mane, which is at 1150 meters from sea level.

Friday, 7th Nov. night, our team – Sunand, Vinay, Chetan and Srinivas – assembled at 4th block Jayanagar.  We started off in a Qualis by around 11:00 in the night.  We crossed Mysore and headed towards Kushalnagar as this is the easy route to Hegde Mane. More over, we are supposed to pick up our guide Mr. Saji at Kushalnagar.  He was ready and joined us at aroun 3:00 in the morning.  After another couple of hours of driving, we reached very close to our starting point.  Saji had arranged a house where we can rest for a while and have breakfast before starting our climb.

We started our climb at around 8:30AM.  The route was through the forest and very scenic and we all were enjoying the route until we found some leeches.  Saji and Chetan were very fond of snakes and were trying to find one on our route.  We started climbing up after 2 kilometers. Though the climb was steep, the difficulty level was moderate as the route is through forest.  We reached the mountain top by 12:30PM after trekking a distance of 8kilometers.

Our camp site was further down, near to the “Mantapa”. Team was getting tired by this time and we thought it might take another 2 hours to reach the camp site.  That’s when Saji spotted a fireplace and fire woods on our path.  Our great Sunand had managed to get 4 packs of Maggie noodles for 7 of us :-).  However, we ate what ever is possible there as all of us were starving.  Another 2 hrs of trekking and we reached the Mantapa where we need to pitch our tents.  We started preparing tea and dinner while some of us started pitching the tents.  Our camp site was near to the water hole as Mantapa was occupied by another team who reached before us.  The evening and Night were beautiful except a few crackers sound (by the team camping at Mantapa).  It became very windy by 2:00AM and I couldn’t sleep after that due to the wind trying out blow away our tent.  We noticed in the morning that our tent moved a little due to the wind.

We cooked mixed veg puliyogare (Vinay named it KP pulav – Kumaraparvatha pulav) for breakfast.  Again started our descent by 9:30AM.  Our next stop is Bhattaru Mane (which is very famous among all trekkers on this route) for a tea.  Bhatteru mane comes after (while climbing down) just after the forest office.  I felt the descent was tougher than climb.  One of the reasons could be steep path also most of the descent path is through grass land which is straneous under hot sun.

We reached Kukke by 1:30PM.  After having a bath and lunch, we headed back by 4:00 in the evening.

Fact File:

Distance from Hegde Mane: 8.5 KMs. Climb starts from 1150 mts.
Distance from Kukke: 13kms. Climb starts from 200mts
Height of the mountain: 1724 mts
Distance to Bhattare Mane from Kukke:  6KMs
Distance to Mantapa from Kukke: 8KMs

Here is map of our ascend route. Unfortunately, battery dried on my GPS by the time we started climbing down.  Select “S” on the map to see a satellite image.

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