Blogo – Updated Blog Editor

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m waiting for a private beta invitation from Blogo, one of the blog editors on OSX. Well, as everyone complains, OSX is missing Windows Live Editor, one of my favourite editors.

I received the beta invitation today and I am posting this via Blogo. These are my initial impressions. Let me state the good parts first:

  • The editor is very polished and minimalistic. I liked the overall layout.
  • Adding my WordPress based blog was a breeze.
  • Preview is decent enough

Now comes my irritations. It is still in the early beta and hence most of these pitfalls will be temporary. Also, remember that I like Windows Live Writer and Windows One Note. Microsoft has best editors possible in their applications.

  • Even the basic formatting is very erratic. Many time I literally reformatted certain sections to maintain the indentation properly
  • Editor is very minimal. All that you can do is basic formatting and lists. No support for indentation, regular blog features like predefined header styles, horizonal rules, tables etc.
  • No image support. I just couldn’t find a way to insert an image though they claim full image editing support
  • Preview requires you to be online. It doesn’t have a way to download your stylesheet and render the page locally. This makes it difficult to author posts offline
  • The editor couldn’t prefetch my tags and categories at times. I had to literally type most times.

What I would like to see?? Oh! its very simple. Give me the Windows Live Writer on OSX 🙂


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