Its Been A While

I just noticed that my blog was dormant for a while.  I’m not sure about the reasons.  It could be that I moved to MBP and I was really missing Windows Live Writer. Oh!! Boy, I really fell in love with that little application that Microsoft gave away for free.  It was just a breeze to publish from WLW.  I often searched for similar apps on OSX and the popular suggestion was to use MarsEdit.  Honestly, I was a little intimidated by this editor and couldn’t post even a single one.  I used WLW in a virtual machine for the last two posts. 

Days and months passed by.  Then it occurred to me that I must write.  Isn’t writing the best way to express yourself?  Fresh searches for a better editor with the hope that people still prefer to write regular blogs though every one can express themselves in 144 characters today.  I came across PixelPumper and Blogo. I’m writing this using PixelPumper and kind of liking it for the simple editing.  I’m hoping that Blogo team will signs me up for the beta testing.  Anyway, I’m glad that I started writing again!!!.

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